Celebration of Life Jewelry
by Nancee Sanders
If my Confetti-inspired original design attracted your attention, awakened
your senses, sparked your curiosity and made you smile; I have succeeded as an

Through a rhythm of spontaneous colors and shapes, my artistic goal was to
create a design that communicates the celebration of life to all who see it!

My name is Nancee Sanders  and I have created and designed the
"Celebration of Life" Jewelry Collection. The "Celebration of Life " Jewelry
Collection supports non-profit organizations, rehabilitation centers, local
artists and small businesses.

The process of handcrafting jewelry teaches creative skills, craftsmanship, work
ethics, social skills and builds self esteem. The individual feels pride and a
positive sense of accomplishment with every finished piece. Giving back to the
community and positively embracing the future of individuals allows us all to
celebrate life!
I  invite you to celebrate life when you wear my art as each piece has it's own
spontaneous spirited style; just like you!